Policy Priorities


San Francisco’s strength comes from our diverse neighborhoods. We need to keep building more housing at all levels to make our City a more welcoming and affordable place for families and people who want to plant roots here. I support building housing in a smart and thoughtful way – not blanket upzoning or one-size-fits-all approaches. My plan will meet our state-mandated goals while ensuring the character of our neighborhoods remains intact, and that we keep local control in place.

  • Support thoughtful development of housing across all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.
  • Increase height to encourage more housing in areas like downtown, SoMA, Mission Bay, and more neighborhoods that are well supported and served by regional transit and have been denser neighborhoods from the start.
  • Advance form-based density development across the City to add housing without blanket height increases.
    • Adding housing within the existing heights and building envelopes across San Francisco’s neighborhoods because there is still plenty of room to grow.
  • Thoughtful and targeted upzoning, prioritizing corner lots and lots next to existing tall and dense buildings in the Westside and Northside neighborhoods that can support the growth we need.
  • Provide tax increment financing options to help better pencil the conversion of commercial property to residential.
  • Streamline permit approval so that San Francisco is compliant with state law.
    • Development requires more certainty than we’re providing to bring housing costs down. San Francisco can no longer be notorious for arbitrary and complicated permitting processes.