Mark Farrell for Mayor

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Mark for San Francisco

Meet Mark

Mayor Mark Farrell served as the 44th Mayor of San Francisco. Previously, Mark served as District 2 Supervisor for seven years, and was the longest serving Budget Chair in the City’s history. Mark is San Francisco native, lifelong Democrat, and lives in the Jordan Park neighborhood with his wife and three children. Prior to his career in public service, Mark was a lawyer, investment banker, and co-founded Thayer Ventures, an investment firm focused on the travel and mobility sectors.

Mark is running for Mayor to bring to life his vision for San Francisco, where we are:

  • Where public safety is the government’s #1 priority.
  • A City that believes sidewalks are for everyone and not tent encampments, drug dealers, and drug abuse
  • A City that is thriving economically where businesses large and small across every industry are successful, offers jobs that support a diverse workforce, and a City Hall that works collaboratively with our business community to make it happen
  • A City where families are the priority, and City Hall’s actions and policies are not driven by special interest groups, but a desire for the next generations of San Francisco to succeed
  • A City that is vibrant: where neighborhoods are alive, tourists are excited to be in town, and a downtown that is buzzing with activity every day
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Policy Priorities

Over the past five years, I have watched our City crumble. People don’t feel safe, the conditions of our streets have never been worse, downtown has collapsed, and we’re the butt of jokes across America. We have a crisis of confidence in City government that needs to be fixed, and it starts and stops with the Mayor.

I am running for Mayor for my family and for families across San Francisco. I am running because I am the only candidate with the right experience, policies, and track record of leadership inside of City hall that we need to turn San Francisco around.

As Mayor, I’ll be laser-focused on addressing issues that matter most to San Francisco:

Public Safety

As a City, we are facing an unprecedented public safety crisis that demands immediate action and a zero tolerance approach to crime. Public safety has always been my top priority - both when I was Mayor and when I ran the Budget Committee in City Hall for 4 years.

Fentanyl & Overdose Crisis

2023 was the deadliest year on record for overdose deaths. We need to provide recovery-first options and a real plan to change the conditions on our streets.

Street Conditions and Homelessness

Over the past five years, our streets have disintegrated into a free-for-all of tents, homelessness and drug abuse and dealing. San Francisco has never been immune from challenging street conditions, but there is no Mayor in history that has overseen a steeper decline. While we work to address the causes of the disorder on our streets (mental health, drug addiction, and homelessness), we must have zero tolerance for dirty streets and unsafe street behavior.

Economic Vitality

San Francisco faces a severe budget crisis, a doom loop, and we are losing our mantle as a world-class City. We know we cannot increase the vibrancy in all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods without improving street conditions.


San Francisco’s strength comes from our diverse neighborhoods. We need to keep building more housing at all levels to make our City a more welcoming and affordable place for families and people who want to plant roots here.

Public Education

The City of San Francisco can and must do more to help SFUSD. As Mayor, Farrell will be committed to working with SFUSD to improve student outcomes.

Universal Childcare

Childcare is too expensive and too hard to find. I believe, and the research makes clear, that investing in our children and families is investing in the future of our City.

Tech & Innovation

Over the last four years, San Francisco residents' rating of City services has declined across the board. Despite the fact that San Francisco is a hub for the technology industry, City Hall has struggled to leverage and implement technology and local talent to improve the accessibility and delivery of critical government services.

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