Policy Priorities

Economic Vitality

San Francisco faces a severe budget crisis, a doom loop, and we are losing our mantle as a world-class City. We know we cannot increase the vibrancy in all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods without improving street conditions. As the only candidate with significant and successful private sector experience, I will rebuild our local economy and make people proud to live, work, and visit San Francisco again.

  • Create new tax incentives and programs across our city’s economic engines, including the Financial District, Union Square, Tenderloin, and SoMA
    • Allow sales tax generated in Tenderloin and Mid Market to be kept in those neighborhoods to be dedicated to public safety infrastructure and services
  • Tax reforms:
    • Exempt every small business making less than $5 million in gross receipts from paying business taxes to support small businesses
    • Provide incentives for businesses that bring workers back into the downtown core
  • Open Market Street back up to cars
  • Recommit to retail in Union Square and make Downtown a destination for San Franciscans and visitors
  • Provide aggressive tax-increment financing and local incentives to speed up the production of housing and help projects pencil in downtown