Working to End Homelessness

Working to End HomelessnessHomelessness has been a problem in San Francisco for generations. For the past 10-years our City’s homeless population numbers have remained the same, and it has affected all of our City’s neighborhoods, residents, and visitors in so many ways. It affects San Franciscans in many ways – as a civic pride issue, as a public safety issue, but ultimately this is a human issue, as these are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers on our streets, and I believe we need to do everything possible to house these individuals, and within City Hall focus greater attention on the issue. I have made this issue a top priority at the Board, advancing solutions to get more people off our streets.

  • Hearings For Solutions – Dating back to 2013, I sponsored nine separate hearings on the topic of homelessness. Our first hearing focused on our City’s 2004 10-year plan to abolish chronic homelessness, which just expired this summer, and the other eight hearings examined how we can better house our homeless population, and deliver services for the unique sub-populations of our homeless.
  • Homeless Outreach Team & Housing – With only 2-4 individuals doing outreach at any given time to the over 3,500 unsheltered homeless on our City streets, I authored and passed legislation that doubled the homeless outreach team and added 100 additional flexible housing opportunities for the most chronically homeless.
  • Founding Member, San Francisco’s Interagency Homeless Council – With the conclusion of our City’s 10-year plan, Mayor Lee asked me to be a founding member of San Francisco’s Interagency Council on Homelessness – this Council will coordinate our City’s overall homeless policies moving forward and is comprised of multiple city and community organizations.
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