Supervisor Mark Farrell's Statement on the Board of Supervisors Vote to Table His Legislation

Supervisor Mark Farrell’s statement on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors vote to table his resolution that would have affirmed support for San Francisco’s existing Sanctuary City and Due Process for All policies and called on the Sheriff to immediately rescind his department-wide gag order that barred communication with federal immigration authorities.

“I am deeply disappointed that today six of my colleagues voted to support the ideology of our current Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, and voted against the public safety of San Francisco residents.

I firmly believe in our Sanctuary City policy, which has been a pillar of our public safety approach in San Francisco for decades, but we must be clear that it was never intended to shield serious criminals from legal consequences.

I believe that communication and discretion are the cornerstones necessary for our local law enforcement professionals to build trust between all communities and to strengthen public safety. I believe in the professionals in our public safety departments, and trust them with the discretion they need to perform their jobs protecting the residents of San Francisco.

I want to thank my colleagues, Supervisors Christensen, Tang, Wiener and Breed for standing up for the public safety of our San Francisco residents. Today’s vote was a slap in the face to everyone in San Francisco who truly cares about protecting vulnerable immigrants and the public safety of our City’s residents. I am deeply disappointed that some of my colleagues chose to vote down a common sense public safety measure, but I will never be afraid to do what is right to protect the public safety of all San Franciscans.”

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