Supervisor Farrell and OpenGov Foundation Launch the ReimagineSF Scholarship

ReimaingeSF is a scholarship opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students at all participating education institutions within San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, Supervisor Mark Farrell and the OpenGov Foundation formally launched ReimagineSF – a $1,000 scholarship opportunity for up to five undergraduate or graduate students at any education institution within San Francisco city limits.

“San Francisco’s youth have a direct stake in our City, but too often do not have a direct voice in our local government,” stated Supervisor Mark Farrell. “With the ReimagineSF scholarship, students will have the opportunity to interact with our City’s laws, and not only digest the information, but also suggest new ideas to improve our current policies and shape the future of San Francisco.”

Undergraduate or graduate students at any education institution in San Francisco will use the recently created website – – to interact with city laws in a more modern format, suggest new policy changes on policy issues that matter to them, or suggest updates to outdated city laws.

Five individuals will be selected in the third week of May, and will receive $1,000 scholarships to be used towards their cost of education. The winning submissions will also have the chance to see their idea or policy suggestion turned into actual law in San Francisco. Supervisor Farrell has pledged to introduce any winning idea or policy change at the Board of Supervisors that is based on good policy and is something that benefits all San Franciscans. Not all submissions are guaranteed to be introduced at the Board of Supervisors, but all submissions have an equal chance of being introduced.

“We live in the global center of technology and innovation here in San Francisco, and I believe it is crucial that all of us in City Hall find ways for technology to drive and promote further civic engagement,” stated Supervisor Mark Farrell. “We owe it to our City residents to use modern technology and its tools in ways that will make our work more efficient and hold us more accountable.”

"Everyone who lives in San Francisco deserves an equal voice in shaping the future of the city. Yet too often, students don't have a say. ReimagineSF and are built to change that, empowering students to log on, share their ideas and help create a better Bay Area community," stated Seamus Kraft, Executive Director of the OpenGov Foundation. is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan implementation of The State Decoded brought to you by the OpenGov Foundation. It is part of a broader initiative to bring the laws of San Francisco to the people in more accessible, modern formats that can be used and reused to bring down the barriers to accessing, understanding and navigating the laws of San Francisco.


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