Open Government & Gov 2.0

Open Government & Gov 2.0We live in the technology capital of the world, and our City government should reflect and embrace the technological advances happening in our back yard to enhance the quality of our life with useful platforms, services and applications, ensure government accountability and transparency, and improve our local economy. Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Open Data Law – I authored and passed our City’s groundbreaking open data ordinance that continued San Francisco’s role as a national leader on the open data movement. Open data has shown to increase government efficiency, create jobs, and boost our local economy.
  • San Francisco’s Open Laws – I worked directly with constituents, using the platform to engage with our city residents in a way that works for them and passed legislation directly from their input and suggestions.
  • ReImagineSF – I partnered with undergraduate and graduate institutions across San Francisco to launch ReImagineSF, which was a scholarship opportunity to submit new ideas for new policies, build upon existing law, or update outdated laws.
  • Open Legislation - I authored legislation to make San Francisco the first open legislation city in the country. The legislative information will be posted in open data formats, so that our residents and entrepreneurs can have modern access to our city’s laws and policies. This legislation will allow for new useful services, applications, and platforms to be created to make our residents’ experience with government more user and digital friendly.
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