Jobs, Economy, & Fiscal Leadership

poetica.jpgWhen I was first elected in 2010, we were enduring the aftermath of the Great Recession and unemployment citywide was staggeringly high – above 10%. When I ran in 2010, I pledged to use my private sector background and experience to help turn our local economy around and put people back to work. During my time in office, I’ve helped pass and advance legislation and policies to do just that. Now, we have a local economy that is diverse and thriving and one that is the number one county in the country for job creation. Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Budget Committee Chair – During my tenure as Chair of our Budget & Finance Committee, I helped unanimously usher through San Francisco’s $8 Billion budget while expanding neighborhood city services and putting away record amounts in our City’s budget reserves to protect against the next economic downturn.
  • Solved San Francisco’s $4.4 Billion Unfunded Retiree Healthcare Liability – I authored a unanimously supported Charter Amendment to change the way our City pays for our retiree health care costs, received the support of close to 70% of San Francisco’s voters, and arguably made San Francisco one of the most financially responsibly cities in the nation by fully-funding this huge liability.
  • Small Business Payroll Tax Exemption – I authored and passed legislation to exempt small businesses citywide from paying a 1.5% tax on payroll, which has helped small businesses hire more employees and helped merchant corridors thrive.
  • Film Rebate Program – I authored and passed legislation to bolster our City’s film rebate program to encourage more film production of all types here in San Francisco, which has made film production go up, money spent locally from the film productions in San Francisco rise, and created more jobs for those in the industry.
  • Kiva and San Francisco Private-Public Partnership – I authored and passed legislation to create a public-private partnership with our City and the San Francisco based non-profit,, to help provide small business entrepreneurs citywide with greater access to capital at 0% interest.
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