Improving our Public Transportation System

San Francisco Muni Train and BusIt is crucially important that as our population continues to grow that we have first-rate public transit options that can meet the transportation needs of our City residents. Having fewer automobiles on our roads is not only good for the environment, it is also important for reducing traffic and improving our quality of life. At the Board I have supported and help to advance policies and projects that have and will improve public transit all across San Francisco:

  • Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit – I have supported and lead efforts to finalize the Bus Rapid Transit project on Van Ness Avenue which will improve transportation along the traffic corridor, improve pedestrian safety, and also reduce traffic congestion.
  • Saving the 3-Jackson – I have worked with the community and the SFMTA to save the elimination of the crucial 3-Jackson line, which serves many residents in our community, including seniors and the disabled.
  • Financial Leadership – As a member of our Transportation Authority’s Finance Committee, I have ensured that our transportation system’s finances have been spent efficiently and wisely.
Recent Updates