Help Spread the Word!

Dear Friends,

The past 4 years serving as your District 2 Supervisor have flown by. It has been an honor to represent the neighborhoods I grew up in, and our campaign is working hard to ensure we continue the hard work we've started.

As we head into the final week before Election Day, I am asking for your help to spread the word about my re-election campaign. 


Will you send an email to your friends and neighbors reminding them to Vote on November 4th?


Vote-by-mail ballots have already been distributed, and many people are starting to educate themselves about the issues and candidates. People often ask me how they can help with the campaign...THIS IS IT! A personal recommendation from you to your friends, family and neighbors makes an enormous difference, and NOW is the time to reach out.

For example:

Dear Friend,

I am writing you to encourage you to vote on November 4th. While there are many important issues on this ballot, I wanted to personally recommend you vote for Mark Farrell, our District 2 Supervisor.
Mark was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2010, and has been a champion for our neighborhoods ever since. He has worked to improve our parks and open spaces, secured more funding for public safety officials, and has been the leading voice on many quality of life issues, including working to keep families in San Francisco. 
I am voting for Mark because he represents the issues that are important to me, our District, and San Francisco as a whole. He was born and raised here and understands the real concerns we face.
Thank you and please vote on November 4th!

A short note like the one above makes a huge difference. And as we approach Election Day, it is the personal connection we share with our friends, family and neighbors that will make the biggest impact.

Thank you for your continued support and please remember to vote on November 4th.


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