Ensuring Thriving District 2 Neighborhoods

restaurant.jpgIt is my absolute honor to represent the neighborhoods of District 2 at the Board of Supervisors, which I grew up in and now choose to raise my family in. The constituents of District 2 and the best interests of San Francisco are always at the forefront of my mind while making decisions that have real impacts on our everyday lives. I am proud of the work the community and I have been able to accomplish while in office: 

  • Thriving Neighborhoods – During the City’s budget process, I have secured funds for community building, street and utility maintenance, neighborhood infrastructure improvements and upgrades, and public safety improvements in every corner of our district.
  • Thriving Merchant Corridors – Throughout the City’s budget process, I have secured funds to make infrastructure improvements, improve pedestrian safety, and beautify our major merchant corridors on Union, Chestnut, Fillmore, Lombard and Sacramento Streets to attract more customers to frequent our great local small businesses.
  • Negotiating and Finalizing CPMC Hospital Deals – Along with three of my colleagues on the Board, I led negotiations with CPMC to finalize the development of their new hospitals and ensured transit protections and improvements for the surrounding neighborhood while also working to mitigate any adverse effects of the new development.
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