Ensuring a Healthy San Francisco

Ensuring a Healthy San FranciscoEveryone deserves access to quality, affordable health care services and options. By promoting and advancing healthier policies we can have a stronger San Francisco in both the short term and the long term. I have been a leader at the Board of Supervisors, and as a Health Services Commissioner, in promoting policies and projects that seek to improve the health of all San Franciscans.

  • Healthcare Transparency – I authored and passed a unanimously supported resolution urging our City and Health Services System to adopt measures to ensure our City’s healthcare providers are providing transparent cost information while negotiating with our City for our healthcare rates for our employees, so that we can lower costs and understand better the costs of healthcare.
  • Healthcare Equity – I have been a leader at the Board of Supervisors in discussing the need to have equity in our health care costs because we know that some healthcare providers charge drastically different prices for the same procedures.
  • CPMC Rebuild – I led negotiations with California Pacific Medical Center, resulting in an agreement to build two brand-new world-class hospitals to meet the growing healthcare demands of our residents.
  • Health Care Security Ordinance - I brokered a compromise with my Board colleagues to pass the ground-breaking health care security ordinance, which expanded health care coverage to thousands of workers in need, while also mitigating the impact it would have on businesses in San Francisco who were tasked with providing health care benefits for their employees.
  • Lowering our Health Care Rates - As a Board member of our City’s Health Service System Commission, I played an integral role in negotiating better deals with our City’s health care providers, which has led to an unprecedented lowering of our City’s healthcare rates. Last year alone we saved over $20 million, and had a year-over-year decrease in our health insurance rates of 2.8%.
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