Affordability, Housing, and the Cost of Living

Affordability, Housing, and the Cost of LivingThe cost of living, housing, and our City’s affordability is a top priority to ensure we maintain the diversity and neighborhood character which makes San Francisco unique. Years of slow housing development has led to a significant supply/demand imbalance, and moving forward we need to promote additional housing supply that meets the needs of all income levels.

  • Housing Task Force – I served on Mayor Lee’s housing task force, which was tasked with the goal of coming up with and implementing policy and programmatic solutions to meet the City’s goal of building and rehabilitating 30,000 units – with half of those in reach of low to moderate income households.
  • Legalizing In-Law Housing Units – I supported legislation that created a pathway to legalize thousands of illegal in-law units citywide. In-law units are in every neighborhood across San Francisco and have served as an affordable housing option for many communities. With this legislation, we’ll ensure that thousands of individuals have the opportunity to remain in their home and communities for years to come.
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